A joke that pokes fun at ....

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A joke that pokes fun at ....

Post by Bill (the boss) on Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:10 pm

Two scousers on a motorbike breakdown on the m62 outside manchester and start hitching a lift.A friendly trucker pulls over to see if he can help out and the scousers ask him for a lift .
The trucker explains he hasn't any room because he is carrying 20,000 bowling balls,but Say's he,ll try and have ago at fixing there bike for them.
twenty minutes later he's had no joy so tells the scousers there's nothing else he can do and he's late for his delivery so he'll have to go , "aw eh lad gissa lift" they plead with the driver who again explains he's has 20'000 bowling balls in the back.
The scousers put it to the driver if they can fit in the back will he take them, and the driver agree's the two scouser's manage to get in the back with the bike and driver closes the doors.
now he's really late so starts to put his foot down. sure enough he get pulled by the local manchester plod who wants to know what he's carrying, " scouse eggs "the trucker tells him
Not believing him the copper wants to have a look so he opens the door quickly shuts it again he gets on his radio and Tell's the operator to dispatch as many officer's as possible .
the operator asks what the incident is that requires so many officer's.
Well he Tell's her ,"i've got a wagon with 20'000 scouse eggs on it two of the bastards have hatched and already they've managed to nick a motorbike".

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