Baby 'Zuke

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Baby 'Zuke

Post by Alan H on Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:33 pm

Suzuki K10 (clicky)

Reason I posted this is that it's similar to my first Suzy in 1967/8.
This one is an 80, mine was a M12s 50cc in black with smaller front mudguard.
Bloody good little bike it was, passed me test on it and went all over on it.
With a spanny off a Yammy 100 and a sports fairing on it was clocked at a genuine 70 (downhill)!
I paid £15 for mine at 4 years old (the bike, not me!) and ran it for about 18 months before I managed to seize it solid!!

Ahhh, good old days!!
Alan H

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Re: Baby 'Zuke

Post by caveman on Sun Feb 05, 2012 5:06 am

15 quid! You wuz robbed mate. Very Happy

In 1968 I bought a 'Moggie' Minor for a fiver, mind you it never lasted for 18 hours never mind 18 months! Oh, but the sheer fun I had zooming around while it did - before I was caught and sacked, (I was a trainee gamekeeper on a private estate at the time) bastards, no sense of fucking humour. Laughing

Ahhh, good old days right enough Al.


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