A theory of sorts

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A theory of sorts

Post by qcnr on Wed Apr 17, 2013 8:47 pm

And yes I have done it already, but so that you ride your bike and respect it
should you drop it as soon as you buy it?
Because handing over a pile of wad, gives the bike a false sense of status, but as
soon as you drop it and pick it up again seeing that scratch or dent, changes the
perspective of what it is.
Now it is a motorbike that needs to be ridden, to get your hands dirty on, to see
it for what it is.
Something like that anyway. Or maybe I´m just a bit tired Sleep
It´s the way I feel about mine. I dropped it about 100m down the road after I bought
it, and once dragging it out of the garage. But as soon as I did it was no longer this
machine that I had paid money for, and was fearfull of damaging. Now I fucking love
it for the motorbike it is. Now it´s dirty, has grease marks over it. Now I enjoy
riding it, pulling it apart, filling it with petrol, etc.
Weird, night time ramblings after having been for a ride in the pissing rain and wind,
yet coming home extremely happy and content.
Happy riding peeps. flower

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Re: A theory of sorts

Post by Bill (the boss) on Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:42 pm

Yip, you are becoming a biker. The money is immaterial, be it a £50 tiddler or a £50,000 hyper exotic, it is a bike and all should be used as such.

Bollocks I cant stop this!
Bill (the boss)
Bill (the boss)

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